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The Trash Pack Dash

The Trash Pack Dash
The Trash Pack Dash l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 47.96MB
Developers: Swappz Interactive Inc. | Language: English

In a world full of fungus and fun, the “Trash Pack” come to life! They are always on the lookout for tossed trash, discarded treasures and revolting rubbish thoughtlessly discarded by the nasty Litter Bugs.
Pick your favorite Trashie and burn rubber from the Dingy Dump to Seagull Beach! When a Trashie takes a dirt naps, swappz in a new one and continue your made dash right were you left off! Collect crumb coins and power up each of your Trashies for even longer runs!
Features -
-Upgrade your Trashie for even longer runs!
- Smash through ramps and find new paths and power ups!
- Dodge mechanical minions or send them to the scrap heap!
- Use both AR and QR scanning and collect the whole gruesome group!
- More then 15 characters to collect!
The Trash Pack Dash is totally free to play! You can buy in-game currency to power up your Trashies or unlock new ones!
- Each Trashie has their own sick signature attack to get down and dirty with!
- Dash, Smash and grab the Cash!
Requirements: Android 2.3.2 or higher
The Trash Pack Dash
The Trash Pack Dash
The Trash Pack Dash

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