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Pack a Puzzle

Pack a Puzzle
Pack a Puzzle l Version: 1.2.2 | Size: 19.72MB
Developers: Set Snail | Language:English

“A familiar concept with an out of the box approach” - Appoday
Gold winner at Creative Circle Awards
FWA mobile winner
Ever had to fit a lot of things into your suitcase in a hurry? Yes? Well that's what Pack a Puzzle is all about. The objective of the game is to fit all items on the screen into a bag before the time runs out.
Challenge your friends in both online and local games or go challenge a random person in the world to raise your ranking. Chill out in the singleplayer section where you can fetch a random level someone once made, or complete one of many challenging levels provided. All in all Pack a Puzzle features a huge collection of challenging puzzles in a beautiful environment.
If you are a puzzle fan this most definitely is a game for you.
Pack a Puzzle
Pack a Puzzle
Pack a Puzzle

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